Below is a list of supplies and materials specifically related to Eastern Stars, they are available through the Supreme Supply Store.  Please browse the list of materials to determine everything you need, download a Supply Order Form and complete it in detail. Once you have completed the form, you can either call 313-259-5817 with your credit card information or mail it in with your payment information.
PLEASE NOTE: Some materials may not be out of stock and we will update our website when these materials become available

OES Ritual

Regular - $8.00

IFAMM Masonic Ritual

Large - $15.00

OES Bible


OES Degree - Adah


OES Degree - Ruth


OES Degree - Esther


OES Degree - Martha


Protect Your Emblem

$1.00 or 10+ $.50 each

OES Adoptive Rite


Bell's OES Ritual


OES Star Point Series


OES Meeting Guide


The 2nd Mile


HOJ - Ritual


OES Symbolism


HOJ Ceremonies


HOJ - Book of Scarlet


Labyrinth Complete


Dgts of Sphinx - Ritual


Lady Knights of Tem. Ritual


Royal Ladies Ritual


Rose of Seven Seals Ritual


Dgtrs. of Isis Ritual


OES Burial Cermeony


How to...(Apps & Forms)


Starlight Catechism


Order of the Eastern Star rituals & books


order of the eastern star - fezzes and caps


order of the eastern star - member and officer's regalia


order of the eastern star - CHAPTER FURNISHINGS



Should you have any specific questions regarding Supply Store items, please don't hesitate to email us directly at: supplystore@internationalmasons.org.